Our educational program is created and depends on the Common Core State Standards.

 We have a rigorous curriculum that focuses on helping students to become independent learners and preparing them to succeed in high school.

Depending on common core standards, our program works on the following:

  • Develop independent learning strategies and study skills.
  • Deepen their reading comprehension and writing skills.
  • Learn advanced math concepts in preparation for higher level math courses.
  • Learn advance science through inferring and exploring.
  • Strengthen self-confidence.
  • Inspire self-motivation

Our framework helps our students through the following:

  • Projects that apply learning to the real world and are designed to be doable and intrigue their interest which also will help our students to learn the value the team work and accept the others.
  • Many of hands-on activities which are interactive activities to keep students engaged and learning
  • Activities that encourage them to think for themselves as they apply what they learn in meaningful ways.

Assessments where they use their learning to demonstrate mastery of each concept