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Kindergarten – Manara School

At Manara International Kindergarten section, we are following specially designed innovative integrated curriculum to nurture the child’s development holistically­­­.

We believe that children who have access to quality education in their early years develop better social, emotional and cognitive skills. Therefore, we aim to sustain the quality of early years opportunities for our young students.

Our carefully planned curriculum provides teachers with a framework for interacting with children, planning their lessons, as well as assessing and monitoring the child’s learning.

Our teachers take pride in developing young children as they constantly reflect and re-evaluate all that they do. Children are individuals with feelings, ideas and a vast imagination, so we nurture and develop them physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.

Especially in their early years, children learn by playing, exploring, and engaging in creative hands-on activities that develop their critical thinking abilities. The Early Years education approach employs teaching practices that aid the holistic development of the child through:

  • Age appropriate academic content
  • Appropriate learning environment and tools
  • A consistent daily routine
  • Effective and creative teaching practices

Other key features of our Kindergarten include:


At our Kindergarten section, children build the foundations for language and learning as they develop their speaking and listening skills. This occurs through planned goal-oriented activities, like show and tell, student-oriented lessons and constructive play.


We provide strategies and encouragement to help children play fairly and safely as they cultivate their understanding and empathy towards others. It is essential that young children are guided through learning the social skills needed to interact positively and form healthy relationships.


Literacy covers a wide range of learning. At our Kindergarten, we begin with a basic understanding of phonic sounds, recognition and formation of alphabets as well as phonemic awareness. We make sure that it is done through fun activities and games, which instils love of learning in young students.


We provide an engaging and encouraging environment for children’s early encounters with mathematics and simple problem solving, which increases their confidence and analytical skills.
From numbers to simple mathematical concepts, our specially designed curriculum covers it all.



Age-appropriate physical development activities are implemented to increase body movement, flexibility and provide experiences for children to be active in the environment. It also promotes their motor skills, confidence and awareness of the surroundings.



Children are provided with meaningful experiences through various types of play and rich learning opportunities to explore their surroundings and stimulate their senses. We follow a bi–monthly thematic approach, which includes interactive lessons and hands-on activities to expand their understanding of the world. Some of the themes we follow are; All About Me, Nature Around Us, Animals of the World, Food and Nutrition, etc.


We have incorporated the Montessori method. Our children can enjoy a classroom and curriculum designed around their specific needs and abilities. Practical-life exercises are outlined in a way that trains children to perform daily chores. For example, pouring, transferring, beading and lacing enable them to explore through hands-on activities and enhance their fine motor skills.



We believe that schools and families have equally essential roles to play in promoting children’s positive development and academic performance. When educators and parents form a partnership, they create key opportunities for children to develop social, emotional, and academic competencies. Therefore, we are always looking forward to activities that involve parents to make learning fun.